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30th-Dec-2013 09:35 am - [sticky post] Do NOT forget this....
stop it

"But difficult is sometimes good, you know. It forces you to do things
you didn't think you could... 'Easy' isn't what it's cracked up to be."

~ Kevin Walker
1st-Nov-2017 10:04 pm - 2017 11 01
stop it

18th-Oct-2017 11:24 pm - 2017 10 18
stop it
This is what I started today.

18th-Oct-2017 11:18 pm - 2017 10 18
stop it
18th-Oct-2017 11:17 pm - 2017 10 18
stop it

1st-Sep-2017 11:01 am - 2017 09 01
stop it

19th-Aug-2017 11:24 pm - 2017 08 19
stop it
So, where the heck did two of my three weeks go? And why am I still not finished with my house?

Well, for one, it's not that I'm lazy, I just can't seem to get started. On the plus side, once I've started, I can't seem to stop. Not sure if I'm happy with it though.
Two, certain things took 3x longer than I thought it would. Very annoying, when a seemingly easy job will take half your day...

I've thrown a lot things away. I've taken 70% of my cds. Took off the cases and put the cds in one those cd-binders. Saves me a lot of shelve-space. And I have a lot of compilation cds, so it was rather easy. Of course I've kept my collections of cds from Rob de Nijs, Barry Manilow and Michael Bublé complete.

Did the same thing with a large chunks of my DVDs. I have now 3 binders filled with DVDs and 2 with cds. And A LOT of shelve-space that is now getting filled with things that were stored on the floor, in boxes etc.

3 plastic trashbags filled with empty DVD and CD-cases for the Plastic containers. Will throw those away tomorrow, with the rest of the plastic garbage. Luckily those containers are at the end of the next street. Will drive by and get rid of it while on my way to the grocery-store. A lot of work got done, so I'm happy, but it took too long to do it.

Sadly this means that I have 6 days left and still SO MUCH to do. I still have the garden to do as well. With the loads of rain and patches of sunshine we've had, bad weeds have grown explosively. But so have my sunflowers! They are very high and big!

I had all these plans for losing weight, doing excercizes etc., but that hasn't happened either. I'm disappointed in myself. Well, I'm going to dig up my bed and try to get some sleep. The plan is to sleep in tomorrow. Yes, that is the plan. But none of my plans as I had expected this week, so we'll see. :D 
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