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Do NOT forget this....

"But difficult is sometimes good, you know. It forces you to do things
you didn't think you could... 'Easy' isn't what it's cracked up to be."

~ Kevin Walker
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2020 10 01

3 things that made me smile today:

1. I had to get up real early because the hubby had to be at work early, which meant that I got few things done, before I left for work.
2. We had green beans and chicken for dinner. One of my favorite vegetables to eat. Honestly, I could eat green beans every day and never get bored with them.
3. I've slowly started to make plans for the next year. I feel ready for the future.
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2020 10 01

I absolutely loved Matthew's latest show "Perry Mason" and I'm glad that there will be a 2nd season. I enjoyed the show, liked it a lot better than "The Americans", not that the story was better or anything, but I guess that a show like "Perry Mason" is more my thing than "The Americans" was.

And just a few more weeks until the latest Hallmark Christmas with Luke Macfarlane comes out. Looking forward to that one as well. I'm slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. :D
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2020 10 01

So far, I've been happy enough to not have my family or any of my friends be infected with the Corona-virus. Smooth sailing so far. Not that we're not aware about it or taking it for granted.
A colleague of my husband lost his father, another one a sister, so the virus is for real. We stick to the rules, I take my vitamines, and just hope for the best.

Work is alright. We're still in the office. Not sure if I like working from home or not. It had it's advantages. (Getting up later, not having to drive to work and back, eat what you like, better coffee). But I missed my colleagues and the way we support each other.

Iris and her boyfriend are still an item, which is nice. :)
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2020 06 13

OMG! It's official. Iris has a boyfriend!  I'm part thrllled, part terrified.... but mostly happy for her.
He seems like a nice guy. Haven't met him yet, but if he can make her smile like that, he can't be all bad. :D  
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2020 06 05

53 years old today and proud of it. Life is quite nice a the moment. Job for at least another year. Had a little raise, so now I'm back on equal level as my hubby. His standard salary is 1 euro higher than mine, but he has overtime paid and I don't have overtime. We're getting kicked out of the office at 5.

Iris is in love. So cute. Let's see how that moves along. I'm confident she'll make the right choices and not screw up... (and if she does, well, I have 2 big shoulders for her to cry on and at least a month supply of tissues... Holding off on the ice-cream for now though.)

Just my luck, the weather had been glorious for weeks. Finally take ONE day off to celebrate my birthday and it's raining cats and dogs.
Oh, well, I'll survive. Iris and I plan to go to the local MacDonalds (drive-through because of Corona) and then visit a do-it-yourself shop to get a few ideas. She wants to change her bedroom (bought a 2-persons bed) and the hubby and I are going to work on ours as well.

Impatiently waiting for the new Perry Mason series with Matthew Rhys. Just a few more weeks. Still trying to find the patience to sit through 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'.

And Luke Macfarlane is so cute on his instagram. He should post more often though. During an interview he did speak of having a new project planned, with an well-known actress, but he couldn't/wouldn't say more. So, I'm curious what that was about.

I would love to write, but everything is too busy in my head. Too much to do, not enough time. But 4 weeks from now I'll have 3 weeks of holidays, so hopefully I'll find time to sit down and write. (I plan to, but... planning is made to be overthrown, isn't it? I have ideas for 2 different K/S stories, both of them AU, there's still one I'm working on that will also have Justin, Chad and Jason as important character, but my project for NaNoWriMo is still on my mind as well. So, that's why it's too busy in my head. Too many stories, too many voices, too many characters.

As far as my diet is concerned.... well, not today... DO NOT WISH TO DISCUSS...

In general, I'm in a good place. Now if only I could get rid of a few kilos, I'd be even be happier. But that is worry for tomorrow. Today I'm still going to enjoy myself and get something absolutely 'not diet' - to eat.

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2020 05 01

So, it's the 1st of May again.

At work my contract got extended for another year, so that's good news. For one because I got used to the steady (good) income and being able to buy what I want, without feeling guilty that I'm spending money. Due to the Corona-virus I work at home now and it's very busy answering phone-calls and emails. I have a lot of work to do. So, I can't complain. :)

We're planning to change the bedroom and have things fixed there. The bedroom was one of the first things we did when we moved in the house in 1998 and we mostly did some quick fixes then, because we had to be ready for when we got married. So all we did was put on some paint. But it's all a bit mis-matched and a bit of this and that and the carpet is really getting ugly (well, it was yellow once, but after 22 years the warmth is gone and it looks faded. And I never, ever, ever want carpet again. It's just not practical if you have pets. Especially not if you have a nocturnal pet, who likes to bring you the mice he caught (preferably stil half alive) and eat it in your bedroom. Yugh.!  (Yes, I'm looking at you Boyo, you tiny black panther)

Iris is doing alright with her studies, but having to stay at home is driving her crazy... On the other hand, she's now up to date on all 3 series of CSI and a big fan of Criminal Minds, this is after I got her to get hooked on 'Castle' last year, so I'm teaching her well. ;)

The hubby has changed his job as well, so we now have a solid income, which really gives a breather and, like me, he still has (well-paying) job, so I'm not complaining, but counting my lucky stars.

1. Re-reading some of my old Brothers and Sisters fanfic (My own series 6). It was not as bad as I remember it.
2. Boyo is sooooo sweet when he snuggles up next to me when I'm working and he's sleeping on the chair beside me.
3. I'm happy with my job. When I read/see/hear how many people have issues and worries, I'm glad that so far, that I'm doing fine. Really counting my lucky stars.