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Do NOT forget this....

"But difficult is sometimes good, you know. It forces you to do things
you didn't think you could... 'Easy' isn't what it's cracked up to be."

~ Kevin Walker
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2021 09 07

Just when I thought my painful back was going to get a bit better, it got worse. I woke up with such terrible pain, that I called my doctor again. I could not stand, lay down, or sit. Every movement hurt. Doctor thinks it's a kidney stone. Oh, joy!
So, I've spent most of my day feeling miserable and in pain. Fortunately, I have no inflammation somewhere in my body, so that's a plus and a visit to the hospital informed that at least the kidneys seem to work just fine. ... Just a road-block that feels like it's the size of the Rocky Mountains!
At least the pain-killer the doc gave me is 'the good stuff'. Take one and within 15 minutes I just want to sleep. Which is what I will do. Tomorrow is another day, I'll deal with the world again later on.
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2021 09 03

I miss 'normal' life. I'd like to go swimming, but it's all too complicated with all the do's and don'ts that I'm just not tempted to even try. But maybe I should just do it, because I truly miss it. With my weight, it's pleasant to go through the water, feeling weightless and just let all issues wash away. (or just drown the f***ers)

Also, I'd like to live ONE day without needing painkillers or other medication. The doctor told me a few years ago to get blood pressure lowering pills, because (obviously) my blood pressure was too high. I sometimes wish I hadn't agreed to that. I feel like they added nothing, it didn't make me feel better. Unfortunately I can't stop with them either, because my body has now grown accustomed to the forced lower blood pressure that stopping would be unhealthy. But on the days that I forget to take my pills I usually feel a lot better, so weird, as if my body needs the higher blood pressure.

Two years ago I had an inflammation at the base of a muscle in my back. It was very painful, so the doctor prescribed me some of the good pain-killers. Today, it hit me again, couldn't get up. Tried to get to a doctor, but mine is on vacation and the one replacing him was already booked full with appointments. Fortunately I still had 'the good stuff' from 2 years ago, so I started taking those. I'm able to move around again, even if it is with a lot of pain. Hopefully it will be over in a few days. I feel like a 86-year old though. :D

I hope I can sleep tonight and that my back won't hurt too much. And I hope I will feel better in the morning. :D 
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2021 09 02

- Alright, biggest news of the day is of course that ABBA has 2 new songs. They have been threatening to return for years, but now they've made good  on that threat. :D  .
And I'm happy with that. I'm not a fan of them, but I was in my teens when they quit, so their music is a necessary part of my youth. I still love Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Summernight City or Gimme, gimme, gimme.
I'm not sure what to think of "I still have faith in you". I like it, but it's a bit 'too much', if that makes sense. I'm sure it will grow on me. I immediately fell in love with "Don't shut me down" though. I just love the following lyrics:

"I'm not the one you knew
I'm now and then combined
And I'm asking you to have an open mind
I'm not the same this time around
I'm fired up, don't shut me down"

I guess, in a way it's true. They've changed in all these years, and so have I.

- Other than that, nothing much to say. Should have stayed in bed, I think. Wanted to get some groceries, 2 of the 3 products I wanted were not in stock. Drove to Bergen op Zoom, had to wait for not 1 but 2 trains to pass. I had to go to the store to buy a new laundry rack to hang on my door. Every traffic light on the way was red, the laundry rack was sold out, went back home and still every traffic light on the way was red! 

But, other than that...I'm cool, relaxed and .... Oh, who am I kidding!
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2021 09 01

And here we are again. September already.What can I say?

Job: Lost it. They didn't renew my contract. Which kinda sucked, because I really liked it. On the other hand... New oppportunities! I'm ready for them!

Corona: Got vaccinated in Feb. Got it anyway in May (just 4 days before my 2nd vaccination), though I had the 'light' version (was feverish for about 2-3) days. Had my 2nd vaccination in Aug. Didn't really have to because I already had had Corona, but with my (over)weight, I'd rather get the milder version than the 100% one. :). So when I doctor called me to ask if I wanted a 2nd one, I took it.

Health: I seem to have a hard time re-energizing. I'm tired all the time. Not sure if it's Corono-related though. I think I'll have a chat with my doctor, once he's back from his vacation. And of course there are the menopausal symptoms. Fun, fun, fun... not!

Weight: Bwhahahahaha... Found my scale cowering in the far corner under my desk. Left the poor kid there. I'm fine not knowing.
(Actually I DO know, because I have another scale which can handle higher weight than the one under my desk, but HELL it's too depressing to talk about and I'm actually in a good mood. Sshhhh.)

Iris: Back to school. Had a boyfriend for a while, but is now dealing with the break-up. The less said the better. Nothing negative to say about him, but Iris and he were too different.

Writing: After a period of not writing at all, I'm carefully picking it up again. The problem is: there's too much junk in my head. I'm too easily distracted. This meme that says that I have a mind that wants a 1000 things and a body that can't even cope with 1, isn't all that far off the mark. :/

Well, that's it for now. 
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2020 10 01

3 things that made me smile today:

1. I had to get up real early because the hubby had to be at work early, which meant that I got few things done, before I left for work.
2. We had green beans and chicken for dinner. One of my favorite vegetables to eat. Honestly, I could eat green beans every day and never get bored with them.
3. I've slowly started to make plans for the next year. I feel ready for the future.
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2020 10 01

I absolutely loved Matthew's latest show "Perry Mason" and I'm glad that there will be a 2nd season. I enjoyed the show, liked it a lot better than "The Americans", not that the story was better or anything, but I guess that a show like "Perry Mason" is more my thing than "The Americans" was.

And just a few more weeks until the latest Hallmark Christmas with Luke Macfarlane comes out. Looking forward to that one as well. I'm slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. :D
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2020 10 01

So far, I've been happy enough to not have my family or any of my friends be infected with the Corona-virus. Smooth sailing so far. Not that we're not aware about it or taking it for granted.
A colleague of my husband lost his father, another one a sister, so the virus is for real. We stick to the rules, I take my vitamines, and just hope for the best.

Work is alright. We're still in the office. Not sure if I like working from home or not. It had it's advantages. (Getting up later, not having to drive to work and back, eat what you like, better coffee). But I missed my colleagues and the way we support each other.

Iris and her boyfriend are still an item, which is nice. :)