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2018 09 14

I'm using the Hilda-picture I originally had for August seeing that I haven't posted anything that month and the September one (with falling leaves) is not on my mind yet. The weather here is still beautiful and though I can see that nature is changing color, I still have the sun in my head (most of the time anyway).

I love how colorful and cheerful it is. It still vibrates that "Summer!!!" feeling for me. I could imagine myself in that.. Well, not exactly running. I'd more likely be 'calmly walking along, trying not to break my neck over something', but, hey, that's not the point. :D

Thing is, I truly LIKE that drawing, I can look at it for a long time and just be ... happy.

So, I'm back. Took a while. It's been an emotional couple of weeks, with holidays and aftermath and such.

First off: my dear cousin got married to the man of her dreams. What a beautiful bride she was (and handsome groom he was!) I'm very happy for her. Saw several members of my French family again. (wedding was in France)

The bride and groom. And together with me, the hubby and Iris.

After a stay with my cousin A., for the wedding of her sister N., I went to my aunt/uncle in the Dordogne (France) for a few days. It had been such a long time since I had spent some quality time with them and they're not getting any younger (68+75 years old this year). We talked a lot about my parents, grandparents and such. It was good, but too warm for me. (in a 'weird' moment I realised that my aunt is now just as old as my mom was when she died. Gave me a chill)

From there we went to Andorra, because Iris wanted to go there. It was so beautiful there. So pretty.

This was my view from our balcony.

After that we went to Lloret de Mar in Spain. Which was waaaaaaaaaaay too hot for me. Lucky for me, there was a swimmingpool at the hotel. Though we were only 300m away from the beach. (It was really a short walk, even I could do it) the sand was so incredibly hot that it was no fun to walk on it. We spent a week of our holidays there. It was good, but too hot. Our room had no AC, so I could NOT sleep at night. I ended up sleeping almost naked on the cold floor tiles, because I could not cool off enough to find rest.

We then decided to go to Millau, back in France, where we stayed 2 nights in a bedroom WITH airconditioning. I felt like I was coming back to life. :) The hubby wanted to see the bridge that was build there. Fine with me. I saw it, didn't go along with them to visit it. I was too tired and finally caught up on some sleep. :D

From Millau it was back to Poitiers where my cousin A lives closeby. Did some groceries to take with us with to Holland. And the last day of the holiday, early in the morning we went to the cemetery of Poitiers to add the ashes of my parents to the family grave that also contains the remains of my grandparents.

Iris and I putting the urns of my parents in the grave where my grandparents are.

It was SO emotional for me. Though my parents were dead, I still had their ashes in my room and it always felt like they were still here somehow, but once the grave got closed up again, it suddenly hit me that they were really 'gone'. It was like a definitive goodbye. I had some time to be alone with my parents at the grave and I cried a lot, it was sad, but good and beautiful at the same time.

The others (uncle, cousins, hubby and Iris) visited the graves of my great grandparents and my great great grandparents on my mom's side. With some wisdom my hubby took some pics of those graves and on the grave on my great great parents was an iris in bloom. Can you imagine? It's not even the season for them. It must have been fun to see the flower she was named after growing on the grave of her great-great-great-grandmother. (I'm getting lost in all the generations!) The hubby took one of the irises at home with him to plant in our garden.

And then we went back home.... :)
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