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2019 01 04


I've survived Christmas and New Year and I'm still alive! Yeah!

It's been an interesting couple of months.

Weight: It's not like I lost weight, but that doesn't matter to me so much right now, I've lost a lot of emotional baggage. I've had a few good talks to/with my self. I've cleared up quite some old shit. I had so many old magazines (trashcan), quite a lot videos (trashcan), clothes that in all honesty I never wear (Salvation Army equivalent), books I've read that I no longer want (bookspot donation) So, there quite some stuff gone from my house now.
Plus, I'm thinking about picking up swimming again. I miss it.

Writing: I've done the NaNoWriMo and won! 50.000 words in November. I'm still working on that one, but not so much as during November.

First of all I had to split up my Nano-time for  writing on my original idea because I had to add the Christmas holiday fanfic I was writing for B&S. so I was working on 2 stories simultaneously  Kevin/Scotty just would NOT shut up.

Then I had started on a story for the Nano, but it was supposed to be just a one short story in a string of short stories. Thing is: I fell in love with that character and I want, need, to write more about her. Working on that plan now too and even more changes.

The story I had started last year is spinning off to become a trilogy of its own by now. So, I'm still loving to write that one too. 

Which makes that I now work on 4 different stories.
1. Cabin at the lake
2. Serena Rose hotel
3. January 1 (for lack of a better name)
4. Your cheating heart (A new story for B&S that I've been working on for a little while now, but I have SO many changes of mind on that one)

Writing-wise I'm not bored.

Hair: I've cut (or rather had Iris cut)  quite a big chunk of it. It's weirdly short at the moment. If I run my fingers through my hair I suddenly run out of hair. And my pony-tail is so short now. I have to get used to that, but it feels good, It needed a good cut.

Work: haven't found any yet, been looking tough. And made a plan of how to proceed with that one. There's an organization that might be able to help me, as they help people who are out of work and looking for new jobs. (such a mothers who go back on the workfloor, like me) That will be my step 1 next week.

3 things that made me happy today:
1. Papers were early today. Iris has a paper round for which I fold the papers/leaflets together. On Tuesdays I usually do them alone. On Fridays I start and then Iris helps me as soon as she gets home from school. They were early today, Iris has her holidays, so we were done rather quickly and early.
2. Got a new-year's card from my aunt from France, whereas another one called me today to thank me for our card.
3. While folding papers we were watching Thor: The dark world. Damn, gotta love Loki. :)
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