difficultisgood (difficultisgood) wrote,

2019 07 01

So here I go again, on my own!

Diving in!

I'll keep it short, because I'm too tired, but:

1. I got job!
2. I once again have a bit of money to spend!
3. I feel slowly more independent!
4. I am quite satisfied with myself at the moment
5. I have not lost that much weight, but that's not my priority.

Holidays of my hubby and daughter is approaching and though I hate to see her so far away from me, at the same time I'm looking forward to 2,5 weeks of 'me' time. I'll be very busy, I presume, but I've my plan in such a way that I will have 6 days of almost nothingness by the time I'm done.

Oh, and despite the current ups and downs... I'm carefully happy. 
Tags: just me being me
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