difficultisgood (difficultisgood) wrote,

2019 07 03

Today's is quite a good day. Watched my 'little' girl ( 18 years old now ) finally get her HAVO-diploma and I'm so bleeping proud of her!!!

Other than that I'm fine, but tired and very happy. Finally the weather has become somewhat cooler so it's more breathable during the day and (more importantly!) during the night. Catching up on a little sleep again.

I have an idea for a K/S story, an AU one, but .... I dunno... maybe... who knows... I still have to finish 'Your cheating heart' and I love/hate that story, because it's my head and on my mind, but I can't/won't find time to continue writing.

Just 4 more weeks until my holidays start (which is the moment the hubby + Iris leave for their holiday) and 5.5 weeks until I have my own 1 week of holidays. I didn't want to take too much time off because I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay in that company. But I think I will stay as long as they want me.

Oh,.. And Iris wants to get her driver's licence...

3 things that made me smile today:
1. Watching Iris on that stage getting her diploma
2. Only had to work 4 hours (because school-ceremony started at 3 in the afternoon)
3. I managed to get the holiday-house for my daughter and husband paid, make an appointment to get my car checked out on Aug 12. and make 2 appointments with my doctor also in Aug, when I have my 1 week of holidays. I rule !!!! :D
Tags: 2019, just me being me
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