difficultisgood (difficultisgood) wrote,

2019 11 01

Yes, it's November and that means NaNoWriMo !!! I've picked up my 'old' story again. I had written 50.000+ words in 2017, but lost some steam by the start of December and just couldn't bring myself to get back into writing it. This last month I've been going through it again and it ain't half bad and new ideas came to me and stories started to take shape in my head. And I'm ready for this one again.
I've made quite a lot of 'work on this part' and 'give more explanations of this' remarks, but also a few a few 'Really?? Girl, this makes NO sense whatsoever. Do a better job!'

I missed out on the Halloween fun. The hubby and Iris were once again dressed up as creepy goons, but I didn't get to see them, because I had a nice dinner with my colleagues from work, which was also a goodbye-dinner for one them who quit her job. It was fun. We laughed a lot, but it took AGES to get our meals (it was a busy night!) and by the time I got home, Halloween was over. And I didn't get to see the hubby and Iris in action.
But...! I got a picture!

In other SHOCKING news... I'm trying to lose weight again.. What? Again? Yes. Again. I've decided to call this one 'The Final Countdown' though, as it's my final attempt. Sounds ominous, I know, but it's not all that bad. Menopauze is just NOT helping. And I'm tired of being tired, overweight and not able to participate in things I enjoy because of all that extra weight. I have to lose 100 kg. I've given myself 2 years (100 weeks) to do it. Sounds fair enough to me. :)

1. My desk-chair is finally put together and it's awesome!

2. Dinner was ready when I came home, because the hubby had a day off. He starts a new job next Monday! Yeah!

3. The Nanowrimo has started and i have my first 1867 words!

My 3 inspiration cards for today were:
1. Today I will do something where I can get my creativity to flow... (I've started the NaNo!)
2. Whatever happens, I can handle it as long as I just keep breathing slowly. (Had a explanation on the procedures in our warehouse which took about 1 hour of standing/walking... Breath slowly... And don't forget your painkillers for knees and back)
3. Have beautiful thoughts. It will make you glow and you'll always look amazing. (I was rather cheerful today... after I survived the warehouse thing. )

Off to hang my laundry and get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day.
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