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2018 06 01

Well, I've survived May. That's all I can say. :)

"The Americans" is over and done with. Watched the finale. It was a good end and I'm glad that Matthew can now focus on something new.

Life is still meh, but I'm getting used it.

I'm very proud of Iris, who now has a weekend-job, working in the restaurant of a store. She works mostly on Friday-nights and Sundays. She was still a bit 'meh, not sure' about it, but she got her money, and now she's 'yeah, not bad'. :D

I, however, still don't have a job, been applying for a few, but don't really get a response, which is kinda normal here, because I apply through some temp-agencies, rather than directly at a company.

A few weeks from now my cousin will get married, so I'll be off to France. After the wedding we will go to an aunt who lives more to the south, from there we plan to go to Andorra and then, maybe, Spain. And then climb back to France, where the ashes of my parents will be added to the family-grave of my French uncle. My grandparents are buried there as well. It was father's wish, so I will execute it. It's the last thing I will do have to do for my dad. From the funeral-place it will be straight back to Holland, because Iris will have to work a day later. I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it.

3 things that made me smile today.
1. I found all the things I needed in one go in ONE store, in stead of having to go to 3 to 4 stores.
2. A cute picture of Coliver on Instagram, or rather one actor supporting the other by visiting the show. Reminded me of how Matthew/Luke found out how B&S got cancelled. ;)
3. Don't know. Guess I didn't smile so often today. :)
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2018 05 17

So much fun sometimes, those phishing emails. Like today. If I give my passcode I can request a new card from my bank.... Except, I'm not actually a cumstomer of said bank. Never have been, never will be...

Not to mention that in one read I found 5 spelling-mistakes...

And then the email-address had more x's and y's than I care to count...

Yes, sounds legit indeed.  I wlll send you my code. ... just as soon as hell freezes over. 'Kay?  :D :D :D 
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2018 04 06

3 things that made me smile today:

1. Yes! First really sunny day in a long time and they predict 20 degrees (Celsius) for tomorrow.
2. Awwww, that clip of Matthew saying that Luke was the best kisser (aside from Keri) Not sure how serious he was, but, damn, my Kevin/Scotty-heart exploded with joy. I have to admit that there is something about the way that he mentions Luke's name that makes me just .... siiiiiiiiiiigh....
3. Got my shoes for my cousin's wedding in July. I like them very much. White sneakers. Perhaps not the 'right' thing to wear with a dress, but I prefer to be comfortable. I'm sure she'll forgive me. We've known each other for 50+ years. We'll survive. :D
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2018 04 06

My 3 inspiration-cards for today:
1. Your only purpose in life is to come to full bloom and become the person you are.
2. Healthy food nurishes my body and my mind; positive thoughts becom stronger because of it.
3. I look without judgment at how I react to things.

Well, the 'healthy food' was missing today. Not that I ate UNhealthy food, but I can't say it was all that great either. I had an omelet with dice shaped fried potatoes . A salad to the side. So I did try some healthy. :)

As for the 'blooming' part, well I feel more like I'm wilting, but, hey, who am I to complain. :)

In all, it was a nice day.
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2018 04 01

So what do my cards say for me today? :)

Goddess-card:: The old must first be released before the new can make its entry.

Insight-card: The Ultimate has no hands and feet. He needs yours to carry out his work.

Lenormand-card: A horseman: is traditionally a messenger who brings news. In this sense, this card can indicate that you can soon expect news about an issue that concerns you. A rider is on the way. That may mean that you are traveling from a place where you do not want to be to a place you want to go. The card may also indicate that you will soon receive a visit from someone who was important to you, is important for you, or will be important for you in the future. Keywords: News, Visit, Meeting. The horseman is a positive card.


Just randomly picked 3 from the many options I have available at the website. Not sure how much I believe in them,  but, in general it sounds positive. I could use a bit more positivity.  :)